Emergency Heat Resources and Information

Help vulnerable people beat the heat.Catholic Charities is committed to providing resources to help individuals and families at risk from extreme hot weather.

For vulnerable families and fragile seniors in the Houston heat, staying cool is an essential prescription for health and safety. If they are not able to cool down, they can face serious health complications – even death.

What is the risk from extreme hot weather?

Exposure to extreme hot weather (extreme heat) can cause heat-related illnesses:

  • Heat stroke
  • Heat exhaustion
  • Heat cramps
  • Sunburn
  • Heat rash

Heat-related illnesses can result in emergency room visits, hospitalizations, and deaths.

Who is vulnerable in extreme hot weather?

  • People who are physically more susceptible to heat.
  • People without access to information about extreme hot weather or how to stay safe.
  • People without access to air-conditioned spaces or adequate hydration.

Need Help?

If you are struggling to stay cool in the extreme heat or are at risk of heat-related illness and need help, call us at 713-526-4611 to request assistance.

Mental Health Support
Speak to a counselor by calling us at 713-791-2496, or complete the online intake form to request a phone appointment.

Food Distribution
Catholic Charities is distributing food at our regional food pantries in Houston, Fort Bend and Galveston. Find food distribution dates, times and locations.

Utility Assistance Resources

How to Help

Make a Gift

In the extreme heat of Greater Houston’s late summer, vulnerable families living in poverty are at high risk. You can help! Your generous gift could save the life of a vulnerable senior and thousands of others.

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Volunteers will be contacted separately with potential opportunities for service during this time. You can still complete the online applications to volunteer with us:

Houston/Galveston Application
Fort Bend Application

How we’re keeping our volunteers safe:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the volunteer manager in your area:

Houston/Galveston: frassu@catholiccharities.org
Fort Bend: dbateman@catholiccharities.org

Additional Information and Resources

Texas Emergency Helpline: Dial 2-1-1, or 877-541-7905 or search online at 211texas.org