Catholic Charities Celebrates Women Veterans on Historic Date of June 12

Catholic Charities Advocated on Behalf of Women Veterans in Austin and Washington, D.C.

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston thanks Texas legislators for recently passing a bill that officially designates June 12 as Texas Women Veterans Day. The bill was signed by Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday.

Texas has the highest number of women veterans of any state in the country – last year, 183,597 – and these heroes now have a special day when the state will annually recognize their sacrifices.

June 12 has historic significance. On June 12, 1948, the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act was passed nationally, allowing women to serve as regular members of the military.

“We are delighted that this special population that has bravely served our nation will be honored in this important way,” said Cynthia N. Colbert, Catholic Charities president and CEO. “We serve women veterans through several programs, and we love having the opportunity to recognize those who have served and sacrificed for all of us.”

Several members of the Catholic Charities’ staff and several women veterans served by the organization’s programs were recently in Austin to testify and to thank the legislature for honoring women veterans. They have also traveled to Washington, D.C., in recent weeks to encourage the federal government to make June 12 a national day of recognition.

U.S. legislators including Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee plan to recognize the historic significance of June 12 on the floor of the House on Monday, and they will encourage fellow representatives to consider honoring women veterans nationwide on this special day.

In Texas, after a bill by Rep. Victoria Neave passed the House but failed to gain a spot on the Senate calendar, Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. added the amendment into a women veterans bill he had authored. It was signed by both the House and Senate on May 28, then was signed by Gov. Greg Abbott on June 9.

“Our staff members at Catholic Charities are dedicated to serving women veterans, and we love to champion their hard work, dedication and sacrifice,” said Natalie Wood, senior vice president of programs. “The women veterans are extremely grateful to receive this special recognition in Texas, and they are looking forward to the day when the entire country will recognize the many ways they have strengthened our nation’s military forces.”

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