Because of You, A Mother was Better Prepared

Because of you, moms like Crystal have the support they need during a crisis like COVID-19.

Because of you, moms like Crystal have the support they need during a crisis like COVID-19.

Right around the time when “Stay Home, Stay Safe” orders were issued in our area, Crystal was preparing to give birth.

She was already nervous about being at a hospital in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, but to top it off, her partner was unreliable. He often left and came back, and she wasn’t sure if he would come back to help care for her two other very young children.

Thanks to your support, Crystal was able to receive education and support from Catholic Charities’ Blessed Beginnings Life Center. The parenting classes helped her learn the importance of engaging with her children, such as the importance of play and reading. As her due date came closer, caring staff helped work with her on her birth plan. And, because of you, she received a car seat, clothes and other baby items she needed to welcome her newborn home.

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However, Crystal was worried about how she would get everything she needed for her children. She wasn’t working since she just had the baby and trying to find the right sized diapers at stores with sparse shelves was tough.

With your support, our staff and volunteers were able to deliver supplies safely to her home. She received diapers, soaps, books and more essential items to care for her very young children while staying at home.

Crystal said even though she’s not a new mom, the information and care she received made her feel the most prepared for the arrival of her baby.

Thank you for caring for mothers like Crystal and their precious children!

You can help more mothers like Crystal.

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