A Safe Haven – Fabiola’s Story

fabiola-3_editedImagine having to flee not only your home, but your country because your family feared for its life.

At only six years old, this was *Fabiola’s reality when her family became the focus of extortion by a transnational gang. Unable to continue paying the exorbitant extortion demands, Fabiola and her family tried to move to another town but were found and the extortion continued.

After receiving threats of kidnapping, imprisonment, and even violence and death, Fabiola’s family made the decision to flee their home country of El Salvador. In July of 2015, she was immediately apprehended at the Texas border as she and her family attempted to cross in the United States in search of safety.

She was later reunited with her family. That’s when her father came to Catholic Charities seeking guidance and legal assistance from our St. Frances Cabrini Center for Immigration Legal Assistance. Because of your support, the attorneys in the Cabrini Center were able to file an asylum claim for Fabiola based on the persecution she and her family had faced in El Salvador. Her story was so compelling that her asylum application was granted the very day she was interviewed by the Asylum Office.

With your help, Fabiola and her family found a safe haven in the United States and will be able to live a life free of persecution and violence.

Each day we see many children with stories like Fabiola’s: fleeing the only home they have known and embarking on a treacherous journey in search of safety. Your support means more children and family will find it.



*Name has been changed to protect privacy.