2022 kNOw Poverty Summit

Thank you for attending the 2022 kNOw Poverty Summit. We appreciate you for taking a few minutes to share your feedback through this survey. Your input will help us plan for a future event. Thank you!

kNOw Poverty Summit Survey
Based on your attendance at the 2022 kNOw Poverty Summit, are you likely to recommend the event to your friends and colleagues in the future?
Would you like a future kNOw Poverty Summit to be presented as a virtual gathering, rather than held in-person?
What did you think about the length of the kNOw Poverty Summit?
Did you like our keynote speaker, Dr. Matthew Desmond?
Did you enjoy your break-out session?
Did you learn something from the kNOw Poverty Summit that will be useful in your work or personal life?
Are you likely to attend the kNOw Poverty Summit in the future?