Catholic Charities Introduces Two New Programs Serving Galveston Community

Women Veterans in Galveston

With your help, Catholic Charities will expand services for female veterans — and disaster relief services — to Galveston County.


Catholic Charities has served the Galveston community through every major natural disaster since 1943, and the organization has supported individuals and families in the midst of personal disasters as well.

Catholic Charities will expand its services to those in need in the Galveston and Bay Area. The Galveston Bay Area office of Catholic Charities introduced a new program for women veterans and a disaster services program that will carry out the organization’s mission to provide help and create hope.

As part of the organization’s plans to establish a long-term disaster presence throughout the Houston region, the Disaster Recovery Services program will expand services to those impacted by natural disasters in the Galveston and Bay Area. Catholic Charities will be able to offer basic needs, financial assistance, home repairs and case management services to help them rebuild their lives.

The Women Veteran Services program will extend its current services for female veterans to those in Galveston County. Catholic Charities will offer case management, housing assistance, utility assistance, and a peer-to-peer group to help women heal from past trauma.

The program will also offer one-on-one VA claims assistance in Galveston on a monthly basis to connect the women to additional services and support that may be available to them. Additionally, our transitional housing program will also be offered for any woman veteran in Galveston that is homeless.

For those seeking assistance in the Galveston County area, call Catholic Charities’ Galveston office at 409-762-2064.

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You can make an impact to help even more families recovering from disaster, or women veterans who are in crisis.

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