Request Christmas gifts through Share Your Blessings

Share Your Blessings Christmas Gift Program

Please note that our waitlist to request Christmas gifts is currently at capacity.

For assistance, please dial 2-1-1 to be connected to an agency that may be able to assist you.

Catholic Charities’ annual Share Your Blessings Christmas Gift Campaign provides gifts to children and families in need in the Greater Houston community, no matter what faith tradition.

Please note the following information:

You must request an appointment to pick up gifts. A maximum of 3 children per household. Children must be 16 years of age or younger. This is a drive-through service. The Unique ID must match with name of person picking-up gift.

  1. Please bring a form of photo ID.
  2. You must bring a printed confirmation of your appointment – it is required for pick-up.
  3. You must have a scheduled appointment.
  4. 1 (one) appointment per family; with a maximum of 3 (three) families per vehicle.
  5. Each family needs their own appointment.
  6. A vehicle is required.
  7. Please make sure you have space in your vehicle for the gifts.
  8. Please arrive at time of appointment.
  9. Please stay in your vehicle.
  10. Please do not come to our facility if you are feeling ill.

Regístrese para una cita para recoger los regalos. Es un máximo de 3 niños por hogar y para sólo 16 años de edad o menos. Este es un servicio de autoservicio. La identificación única debe coincidir con el nombre de la persona que recoge el regalo.

  1. Traiga una forma de identificación con foto.
  2. Tiene que tener la confirmación de su cita imprimida – es necesaria para la recogida.
  3. Debe tener una cita programada.
  4. 1 (una) cita por familia; con un máximo de 3 (tres) familias por vehículo.
  5. Cada familia necesita su propia cita.
  6. Se requiere un vehículo.
  7. Asegúrese de tener espacio en su vehículo para los regalos.
  8. Llegue a la hora de la cita.
  9. Quédese en su vehículo.
  10. Por favor, no venga a nuestra locación si se siente enfermo.

Please note that your request does not guarantee assistance.


More information about the Share Your Blessings Christmas Gift Campaign.