Crime Victims Assistance Program

The Catholic Charities Crime Victims Assistance Program collaborates across the organization’s programs to ensure that communities are recognizing the unmet needs of immigrant crime victims and working to remove barriers to justice and recovery.

Many victims do not report crimes out of fear of retribution or further abuse to themselves or their loved ones. Immigrants are especially vulnerable, because they fear contact with the authorities may put their immigration status in jeopardy, lead to deportation, or have their children taken away.

Catholic Charities helps hundreds of victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual assault and other crimes with counseling services; case management with a focus on emergency and crisis needs; and legal services to help victims assess their needs, navigate the legal system, file paperwork, and become educated about their rights. Additionally, the program assists crime victims with safety planning; applying for Crime Victims Compensation; advocacy; referrals to other programs or community resources; and assistance accessing and applying for mainstream benefits when appropriate.

Basic Needs Services

Meeting basic “human rights” allows families to work to achieve the life they envision.

Assistance for Crime Victims:

  • Case Management Services
  • Assistance with emergency shelter, food, clothes, transportation
  • Safety planning
  • Assistance with applying for Crime Victims Compensation and other mainstream benefits
  • Information, referral services, and advocacy in obtaining community resources
  • Financial assistance (when funding allows)
  • Translation services

SERVICES ARE AVAILABLE FOR CRIME VICTIMS IN THE FOLLOWING AREAS: Fort Bend, Galveston, Harris and Montgomery Counties only.

Counseling Services

Counseling services are available for individuals, couples, families, and children seeking support and recovery.

Common Reasons For Seeking Counseling:

  • Couples seeking premarital or marriage counseling to strengthen relationships
  • Individuals who have experienced loss, trauma, or life changes
  • Parents who need guidance raising children who are demonstrating unsafe behavior
  • Individuals struggling with feelings of sadness, loneliness, anger and anxiety
  • Families adjusting to separation, divorce, or a blended family
  • Parents experiencing feelings of depression following child birth
  • Adults and youth coping with life’s daily stresses
Legal Services

Immigrant survivors of crimes face unique circumstances that make them particularly vulnerable in the immigration and criminal legal systems. Because of this vulnerability, special forms of immigration relief are available to victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and other crimes.

The Cabrini Center can help crime victims apply for these immigration benefits without charge for representation. Please call 713.874.6570 to register for a free legal consultation.

Immigration Options for Crime Victims:

  • U-VISA: Victims of a qualifying crime that occurred in the US including domestic violence, kidnapping, sexual assault, homicide, aggravated assault and other similar crimes
  • T-VISA: Victims of human trafficking, who have been forced or coerced into performing labor or services against their will
  • VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN ACT (VAWA): Victims of domestic violence perpetrated by their US Citizen or Legal Permanent Resident family member.

Other Resources for Crime Victims:




LASSA (Free Legal Aid for Survivors of Sexual Assault) HOTLINE: 1.844.303.7233

How to Get Help


Toll-free: 866.649.5862
or request assistance online.