St. Margaret Bright Futures Project

Single mothers are preparing for a brighter future.

Through mentoring, education and community partnerships, 24 single mothers will prepare for living wage jobs to lift their families out of poverty. Catholic Charities will work closely with the mothers through 2020, providing intensive consultation and connections to resources including college classes, vocational training, social services, childcare and parenting education. Their children will be enrolled in early childhood education and special after school activities.

The Need
  • Four in 10 families headed by single mothers live in poverty. (Census Bureau data)
  • Children are more likely to be in poverty. In Harris County, the overall poverty rate is 16.8%; for children under age 18, 23.2%.
Eligibility Requirements
Participants must:

  • Be single, low income, and between the ages of 18 to 35 with at least one child under age 5. They cannot be living with an adult partner.
  • Have current employment.
  • Demonstrate that they currently have stable housing and have lived there for six months.
  • Have a high school diploma or GED.
  • Have a clean legal record.
  • Be residents of Harris, Fort Bend or Galveston County.
  • Show motivation and demonstrate ability to set and achieve long-term goals – or goals that involved six months of effort.
Criteria for Completion
  • Success will be measured by an increase in earning power to a living wage.
  • They will have completed an industry-based certification program for high-growth, high-demand jobs.
  • Or, they will have completed an associate degree.
Register to Participate

Please complete the form below to confirm your eligibility and interest. If there is availability and you qualify, a program coordinator will reach out to you directly.