You Fed Over 75 Families For An Entire Year!

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We have helped over 75 families eat for a whole year! Thank you!

Thank you Donors!

Mr. Linton D. Arbaugh
Claire and Gregory D. Bassett
Kathleen and Martin Beirne
Irene and Brian W. Binash
Mr. Dennis Casserly
Dona and Albert Clay
Anne and Deacon Dwight Coles
Mrs. Lois E. Davis
Alicia and Dave Freysinger
Ms. Frances Gary
Jim and Ellen Ginty
Susan and Donald Grimm
Ms. Rose Mary Hettler
Jeffrey and Marc Hill
Frances and George C. Holewyne
Mrs. Rita Irani
Verena and Harry W. Isensee
Mr. Roger Jenkins
Patricia and Jay Kemper
Debbie and Matthew Kemple
Patricia and Bob Lunn
Cheryl and Guy Malden
Marek Family Foundation
Robyn and Michael McKenna
Mr. Philip A. Morabito
Mr. Alexander Nguyen
Ginger and John Niemann
Mr. William Patterson
Janice A. Casazza Piatak
Mr. Luis Rivera/Texas Stairs and Rails, Inc.
Nancy and Eugene Silva
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Snider
Suzanne and Alan Stahlman
Jennifer and Jim Stevens
Ms. Bichlan Thai
Linda and David Watso
Mrs. Raye G. White
Patricia and Paul Yetter

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Nearly 90% of our operating expenses supports programs and services for children, seniors and families in need.