You can help Afghan families build a new life.

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Thank you for opening your heart to newly-arrived Afghan families. They need all of the basic elements required to start a new life in our community: shelter, food, clothing, and other essentials. Families from Afghanistan can have six or more members in the household.

Financial Sponsorship

Donate today at a sponsorship level to help Afghan families who served beside American troops as they flee from danger to a new home in Houston!

To see what your gifts can provide, see this list of financial sponsorship levels, and help an Afghan family begin a new life in Houston.

If more is raised than is required, we will use your generous gifts to help people in need through our many programs that work together to support self-sufficiency and a life of dignity.

Use our Amazon Wish List to provide household items to help Afghan families set up their new homes.

We are happy to take donations of gifts cards from Target or Walmart. You can drop off gift cards at the Catholic Charities main office at 2900 Louisiana, Houston, TX 77006, located in Midtown Houston; or mail them to that address, attention: Refugee Resettlement Program.

If you wish to donate used furniture or mattresses, please contact the Houston Furniture Bank. We are working with them to secure furnishings for newly-arrived Afghan families.

Please note if you’d like to offer a home or adopt a family/individual, you will be placed on a wait list at this time. A member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Offer a home

If you have a home to offer an Afghan family for at least six (6) months, please provide information via this form. Ideally, homes should be located near a Metro bus stop and within walking distance or a quick bus ride from a grocery store (not a convenience store). After you share your information, a member of our staff team will contact you to discuss next steps.

Adopt an Afghan Family or Individual

You and/or your family, friends, church group, and/or company can sponsor an Afghan family or individual. We are asking for a commitment of at least three months.

Please note: Due to safety concerns, Catholic Charities volunteers cannot transport clients in the volunteer’s personal vehicle or in Catholic Charities-owned vehicles.

You would provide one or more of the following direct services:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) tutoring: Help them study English outside of their regular school hours
  • Employment search assistance: Assist them with conducting an online job search and/or interviews
  • Clothing: Donate clothing items for family members
  • Groceries: Donate food, including culturally appropriate items
  • Metro bus training: Teach them how to use the Metro bus system
  • Household items: Purchase needed furniture, household appliances, and even needed technology items for the kids
  • Medical support: Help families secure access to medical assistance, e.g., help them set medical appointments; or meet them at medical facilities
  • to support clients while they’re at the clinic
  • School: Assistance with homework, join parents for teacher conferences or school events

If you would like to adopt an Afghan family, please provide additional information using this form. After you share your information, we will connect you with a case manager from our Refugee Resettlement Program, who will facilitate your sponsorship for a family.


You can help in many ways:

  • Join Catholic Charities staff in greeting families at the airport as they arrive in our community for the first time. You can follow the staff to help the family settle in at a hotel or in their new apartment.
  • Provide administrative support in the office.
  • Apartment set-up: Help with grocery shopping or other tasks to put an apartment in order for newly-arrived Afghan families.
  • …and other opportunities as they arise.

Make a Gift

Donate today to help Afghan families who served beside American troops as they flee from danger to a new home in Houston!