Tens of thousands of refugee children arrive to the U.S. alone every year, mostly from war-torn countries where they have lost their entire families. Catholic Charities’ St. Jerome Emiliani’s International Foster Care and Group Home provides a nurturing environment for unaccompanied refugee children and youth, many who have escaped devastating situations in their native lands. Through foster families, our agency home and supportive services, we help them heal and thrive.

Interested in becoming a foster parent? 

Foster parents play a critical role in providing a stable family for the children — providing food, clothing, shelter, as well as love, protection and guidance to the children in their care. You could change a child’s life by opening your home to a foster child. If you’d like to apply or just want more information, complete our questionnaire and a representative from Catholic Charities will get back to you on what may work best for you and your family.

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Services Provided

St. Jerome’s is a group home on a suburban 30-acre community with the capacity to care for six males and six females, and provides the initial placement for the youth into the program. While the youth are living in this environment, evaluations are provided to assess all their needs (medical, psychiatric/therapeutic, educational, vocational, social, familial, legal) with the development of an initial service plan.

After these assessments are completed, a decision about a long-term placement is made in the best interest of the youth. If appropriate, the youth moves to live with an individual foster family. Otherwise, the youth remains in the agency foster home. If a youth is not able to maintain the foster family placement, he or she returns to the agency home to live until discharge.

If a child is placed with a foster family, all of the above services are provided as well.

Additional services provided by the program include:

  • Indirect financial support for housing, food, clothing, and other necessities
  • Intensive case management by a social worker
  • Independent living skills training
  • Education/English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Tutoring/mentoring
  • Job skills training and career/college counseling
  • Mental health services
  • On-going family tracing, where possible cultural activities/recreation
  • Special education services, when needed
  • Legal assistance

The program consists of one safe, nurturing agency home and individual foster homes that provide 24-hour, long-term foster care services to minors of all ages who have been designated as a refugee, an asylee, or a victim of human trafficking.

The program also serves minors who are in federal custody awaiting designation of status, (i.e., asylum or Special Immigrant Juvenile Status) who require long-term foster care due to the amount of time the legal process takes, varying from 3-36 months.


This program does not charge fees.


Service Area

All services are provided by referral only from USCCB and are initiated at the main office.



Please call 281.202.6315 or our main number at 713.526.4611 to be connected to this program, or email SJEHCRecruitment@catholiccharities.org.