You Lifted Holly Out of Her Darkest Moment

Last year, Holly was sad, depressed and about to have her utilities shut off. After their oldest son died – at just 19 years old — Holly’s husband sadly turned to alcohol in his grief.  Divorce followed, and money quickly became a problem for Holly and the younger son she was still supporting. But amidst […]

You helped Jose and Maria to not go hungry

Jose and Maria have been married for 48 years. But the last few years have been difficult. Maria was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, and shortly after she completed her treatment, Jose was also diagnosed with cancer. They were devastated. Medical expenses quickly ate up their savings. And, with only their Social Security, there was little […]

You Help Seniors Like Kathleen Reach Their Goals

Kathleen was losing hope. As a senior, social isolation really took its toll during the height of the pandemic. She was desperate for change in her life. Because of you, Kathleen has received case management services at the Mamie George Community Center in Richmond and now feels positive about her present and future for the […]

You helped Mateo find a job and keep his home

Mateo lost his job last winter and, after being out of work for months, his confidence in his abilities plummeted. Inflation made his financial woes worse, and he knew that if something didn’t happen soon, he would end up homeless. Because you are a hero of hope, Mateo received emergency financial assistance to stay housed, […]

You Helped Atifa Finish School

Atifa was excited to finish 12th grade and go to college. Then, the Taliban took over Afghanistan last summer. As a young woman in the country, she knew her days of schooling were likely coming to an end. Atifa, her siblings, and their mother fled to the United States seeking a better and safer life. […]

You helped Isis prepare for a healthy baby

Isis was nervous as her due date approached. At 35, she was pregnant for the first time and, while eager to welcome a child into the world, she didn’t know how she would make ends meet while she couldn’t work. Thanks to your generosity, before giving birth, Isis was able to attend parenting classes to […]

You Helped Lillian and Dena Start a New Life

Poverty has been cruel to Lillian and her 13-year-old granddaughter Dena, but thanks to you, there’s a light shining in their future.  Lillian and Dena have been living in a small, shabby apartment, existing on Lillian’s sole source of income – a monthly disability check.  There was no money for furniture, and barely enough for […]

You Helped an Elderly Grandmother Who’s Raising her Grandkids

Gretchen is a senior living on a fixed income. Every month, money is tight.  With rent, utilities, and other bills, she sometimes didn’t have enough left to pay for groceries. At times, Gretchen would wash clothes with whatever soap she had around the house. She needed to save the money to buy food. When Gretchen […]

When Debra Needed Help, You Were There

Debra lost her husband, an Army veteran, six years ago. She was lonely and depressed, and she had the added burden of trying to make ends meet without his monthly pension. Now, because of you, her family no longer has to worry about having enough to eat. Debra also takes care of her 27-year-old grandson, […]

You Helped an Afghan Family Start a New Life in Houston

Saahir worked for a United States-based company in Afghanistan. Because of his work, he was a target of the Taliban as it quickly took over the country. He and his family arrived in Houston with little more than they could carry after a tumultuous escape to start a new life.  Now they are well on […]