Making it Through Each Day – Mary’s story

Being out of work is hard enough. It’s even harder when not only your spouse is out of work too, but you also have to face grave health challenges. Mary, a client at Mamie George Community Center, is unable to work consistently because she has cancer. Her husband is also not able to work due to […]

Walgreen’s Offers Beauty Consultations to Women Veterans

Members of Walgreen’s beauty team provided free beauty consultations to Catholic Charities’ women veterans clients at the Villa de Guadalupe on Thursday, April 20. The women, who were enrolled in the Career Essentials program, received makeup and skin care advice, and were treated to demonstrations and full make up applications. They also used the No […]

How Counseling Provided a Safe Environment – Diane’s story

Diane*, a 14 year old girl, was referred to Catholic Charities Counseling Services by her teacher. The teacher indicated that Diane often looked sad, worried, and distracted, and was not turning in her homework or engaging in classroom activities. During her first counseling session, Diane made a sexual abuse claim against a distant family member. […]

Laid-off Veteran Finds Renewed Purpose at Catholic Charities

Last spring, Candace Robinson – like so many Houstonians over the past few years – was laid off from her job. She knew right away that she’d have trouble making her next house payment. During a visit to the Texas Workforce Commission, a veteran liaison pointed Candace to the Catholic Charities Women Veterans Program. She […]